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BPos founding members, GoodWord & D-Wiz, team up with Dj Noah imean aka. the Nati Kid (Animal Crackers) and longtime BPos collaborating producer, Tahaj the First, for the seventh full length album of the Bay Area crew’s under the radar career.  For those in the know, anticipation is growing and expectations are higher than ever.

Here is a hint.  The beats are smooth and smackin.  And the lyrics are complex with melodic hooks that act as a chaser for the hard hitting verses.

Now Available!


Party Mardi


Super Hero Pool Party

Live Ya Life

Double Trouble



BPos B-Boys

Stay Alive


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BPos is the super hero crew from San Francisco. Follow close, as they travel from coast to coast, to save the day in every zone they tap with info. Witness the swiftness with which the power of the positive idea expands throughout the land to rid the Earth of the leaches and parasites who share the common goal of devouring the withered carcass of every last tortured soul.

This is feel good, positive, Hip Hop music. You don’t wanna miss the party. You’ve got to stop snoozin. If you’re throat clogs when you try to breath through the smog, BPos is the freshest breath of air from here to there. So slap it in your podcast, and add it to your blog. Pos, if you like what we put in your ear then share!

BPos once again brings you the current facts in a way that won’t bumb you out.  Perfect music to move into a new era in 2021.


Pos Tapes:

“If there was an award for ‘Bay Area Hip-Hop group with their business minds up to par with their emcee/DJ skills,’ it would go to San Francisco trio BPos.”

– Billy Jam

Pos Tapes The Album, by San Francisco based Hip Hop collective BPos (short for Be Positive), is a 17-track collection of the best songs selected from Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3, a trilogy of self-produced “mix tape” digital albums released by the group over the past two years. BPos is D-Wiz: MC/Lyricist, Producer, Goodword: MC/Lyricist, Khafre: MC/Lyricist and their DJ Johnny Venetti. Releasing on the groups’ own label (One League Entertainment), this album marks the second full-length from the established Bay Area group and features appearances by other local artists including: Z-Man, Pep Love and Equipto, as well as a few other special guests.

After the group’s debut album The Upside peaked at #4 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart in June of 2010, the group wanted to utilize a new trend in independent music that saw artists giving away music for free online as “Digital Albums.” They created Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3 and released it digitally for free, exciting the current fan base as well as attracting new interest and gaining exposure.

When listening to Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3, one can hear the development of BPos’ individual brand of Hip Hop music taking place. These “Pos Tapes” became something very special.It wasn’t your usual free music, rushed and pushed out without much consideration for artistic integrity.These were full-length albums imbued with completely original material.Each “Pos Tapes” Volume features beats from one producer (Vol.1: Big Shawn, Vol. II: Tahaj the First, Volume Three: ghostNOTES), and the trilogy as a whole showcases a splendid exhibit of BPos’ musical and lyrical versatility.

Why the name Pos Tapes? One day, BPos was sitting in their studio reminiscing about the crazy ways they used to have to go about making music, and they started talking about Pause Tapes, the name for a low budget style of making beats developed in the 80’s, using cassettes and a tape recorder.They decided “Pos Tapes” was a perfect play on words that would spark nostalgia in the people who remember Pause Tapes, as well as enlighten the younger generation to the roots of Hip Hop music.

Latest Release:

Positive Beings

BPOS Albums:

Pos Tapes v.2

Pos Tapes v.1

The Upside

Management, Radio, PR:
Ashanti Abdullah


Physical Distribution:
Steffen Franz or Ben Lang IndependentDistribution Collective

Digital Distribution:
Jerome Forney IDCDigital